Business references 

Individual coaching

“Due to the great support and coaching of Alexandra, I developed from a one-person manager to a self conscious team leader, who leads professionally a business unit. Some management competences or projects such as: delivery of strategic visions and reports at the company management level; organization design improvement and effective communication with my peers and direct reports have been fulfilled with her help with a professional and friendly approach.”
TDW Eurasia  – OK – General Manager

Management committee coaching

“Alexandra helped our company on the HR-side in transforming from a product to a solution and service oriented company.  This kind of transformation requires a lot of internal communication between the employees and internal reorganization and alignment.  She brings in the added value with her external views and experiences on these topics.  Furthermore she also has been a good coach for our management team on an individual level.  She challenges on an organizational and individual level and brings in her experience from her previous functions in other companies.  She is able to lift people to a higher level in personal and organizational leadership.”
Stanley Security Solutions – FD – CEO


“I see a clear evolution in the way the coachee handles his team and the team challenges, he shows more self-confidence and has found the difficult balance between “leading” and “supporting” his team. The result exceeds my expectations. I have also indicated this in his mid-year appraisal.”
Verizon Business – DDK – Director Operations BeNeLux

Advice strategic projects

“Alexandra worked with me on a project to link our Competency Framework to the different job levels in our European purchasing organization. The end result is a practical and focused toolkit for recruitment and development of our people. The co-operation was successful because Alexandra combined a pragmatic approach, a lean process and the right level of challenge to the leadership team.”
Huntsman – GF – Vice President Supply Chain (Europe, Africa, Mid-East and India)

Individual coaching

“In a continuously changing world organizations have to adapt to survive. Often people are becoming the critical success factor and there is a need for coaching. A good coaching begins with a reflection on yourself to evolve like a rebirth. Like every birth there are lots of people around to assist you but the birth has to done by yourself. Thanks to Alexandra whom made me a person with a life perspective!”
Tessenderlo Group – JS – Gelatin Production Manager

Individual coaching

“I enjoyed working with Alexandra as she helped me to focus and fully prepare for the different stages of the selection procedure. She acted as a sounding board asking many questions, have you thought about this yet, if I were on the other side I would ask questions like this. As a direct result I landed a CEO job and received many compliments regarding the excellent preparation. The recruiter even mentioned that never in his career he had a candidate that was so well prepared and eager to get the job.” 
Fike Europe – FO – CEO

Individual and Team coaching

“We have hired Perspective Management to have a high potential prepared for a next role (MT member role). Perspective Management Services did an excellent job and currently we started the hand over process for the new role. Following capabilities were successfully added/strengthened to the person: communication with impact, team leader skills and business impact capabilities. On top Perspective Management Services improved the overall structure and impact of the entire controlling team in Belgium. Based on the positive experiences we hat with Perspective Management Services I would highly recommend them. ” 
Akzo Nobel Decorative Paintings Belgium – PC – Finance Director

Cross cultural team coaching

Alexandra successfully ran a multicultural workshop for our global marketing team, in which 7 different nationalities were represented. The interaction that Alexandra stimulated between team members, coupled with learnful insights on multicultural characteristics, made the session very valuable for all participants.
GS1 Worldwide – PVL – Sr. Chief Marketing Officer

Individual coaching

“I am lucky to work with Alexandra as a coach because she makes me & my team grow. She is an outstanding coach with an extreme high involvement to succeed with the team she works with even if it is in complex & challenging circumstances. Thanks to the strong insights she has in people & teams she works with and because she is really connected with her coachees, she gets to the essence of things quickly. She lets you see your reality through a different angle and asks the right questions. This approach helped us to work better together within our management team. Working with Alexandra is a great learning experience I would recommend to everyone who needs a no-nonsense top coach”
Vandemoortele Group – PVL Marketing Manager

Individual and Team coaching

“Working with Perspective Management is an onsite and hands on coaching. Through conversation and questioning, the day to day business is sliced into smaller, digestible particles. It creates a new view, a new perspective and shows an alternative path to run business.”
Verizon Terremark – KM – Vice President Service Delivery Europe

Cross border coaching

“We came to know Perspective Management Services as a very business minded partner that can direct and deploy high level coaching processes in an international context, specifically with a clear and direct added value for the people and business concerned.”
LMS International – BVG – Vice President HR

Organizational effectiveness/change and management coaching

“Alexandra helped me with an external audit of my operational organization. With her experience she was able to quickly understand our organization and give her view on the points to improve. In parallel she assisted me by using here network for the recruitment of new staff. This was always done on a very professional level! “
Skidata Belgium – PHM – Managing Director


“To gain new insights and to re-focus my career, Alexandra regularly held up a mirror and pushed me to ask myself the right questions. This personal and positive approach generates a huge amount of energy. Alexandra’s approach is no nonsense, personal and to the point. Alexandra helped me to close a difficult chapter in my career and to start a new chapter full of confidence.”
Vandemoortele – TDC – Sales Manager

Assessment and individual coaching

“Alexandra has brought a lot of added value to our company. Personally, I have followed an Assessment and Coaching Sessions with Alexandra. Over and over again it was great to experience how a big challenge, over which I had been thinking for days, became so easy to solve after one hour of talking and analysing with the help of Alexandra. My team leaders, who are also coached by her, are making continuous progress: gaining confidence, bringing up new ideas/approaches, … Both the assessment and the coaching sessions made it possible for me to grow rapidly in my career, much faster than would have been possible without this valuable support.”
Hubwoo – KVH – Global Customer Service Manager

Team coaching

” Alexandra empowers the coachee by a thourough analysis of himself and his environment. She combines a very personal (and sometimes confronting) approach with a team approach. She also sets up relevant tools to bring out deeper insights. For me and my organization, Alexandra has brought a substantial value and she has helped to realize a turn-around in our team. “
Vandemoortele – TDC – Sales Manager

Individual coaching

“Alexandra has a clear, to the point and challenging way of coaching, which not only reveals positive approach towards the individual, but also contributes towards dynamic and self-sustaining team spirit. Both insides have led to faster improvement of the organisation. “
Eurofins Belgium – LDR – Business Manager

Team coaching

“Alexandra has contributed to increase the mutual understanding and collaboration within the management team members and to let us understand better our own behaviour and the impact it has on others. She has a broad scope within executive and team coaching which is based on a strong experience in corporate life, also on an international level. She helps her coaches through introspective to better understand themselves and how they can improve as an individual and as a team member and brings new perspectives for everyone involved. “
Vandemoortele Group – DC – Country Commercial Manager

Individual coaching

“A challenging world is a high demanding environment which makes it difficult to stay focused, deliver and overall find job satisfaction. Alexandra provides you insight in your own personality and helps you discover your options. This, in combination with (self)reflection and challenges, allowed me in the end to look at things from another perspective!”
Ablynx – HDJ – ICT Manager

Individual coaching

“Alexandra challenged me to look at myself and my situation in a new manner. This made me conscious of my personal and professional perspectives, and made me able to set goals and explore the possibilities to reach these goals. Also I was handed some new ideas about how I can express these ambitions so that I can clearly state to others what I want and how I want it. These insights have enlarged my self-consciousness and self-confidence, which has a positive influence on my life, both in my professional and in my personal surroundings.”
Dimension Data – BE – Sales Manager Sales Experts

Individual and Team coaching

“Working together with Alexandra is solution oriented with a positive approach. Alexandra finds the balance between empathy and confrontation in order to enhance the growing of the individual and to facilitate a better cooperation within the team. “
Vandemoortele Group – TDC- Sales Manager

Team workshops and individual coaching

“With the support of Perspective we succeeded tot create a significant productivity increase! This thanks to the intrinsic efficiency improvement, as well due to the individual coaching of the manager, as well on the level of his team, which implemented successfully the proposed organizational changes. “
Verizon Business – FB – Senior Human Resources Mgr.

Individual coaching

“It was great working with Alexandra. She is a highly effective and assertive personal coach. Her no-nonsense and result driven approach helped me to redefine and refocus again and again on my professional objectives and correct my leadership style. Alexandra knows how to pull you out of your comfort zone and drives you to new ways to be a better manager, for yourself and for your team. I appreciated her support very much. “
VP Communications – GP

Individual coaching

“Alexandra helps you to embark on your own developmental path in times of change and challenge towards the goal of being a better leader in your daily work. She is an excellent sounding board. Given her broad experience, including the corporate sector, she can place herself in your situation and give advice from there. She brings in experience and knowledge of coaching, management, leadership and organisational development in terms of theory as well as practice. Given her passion for her job, it is a pleasure to work with and learn from her. “
Zoetis – OK – Director Public Affairs

HR coaching

“Perspective Management Services helped Simac in structuring the HR roadmap and repositioned HR in the value chain of internal value add services. The style is direct and there are no sacred cows; we now have a roadmap to make quick wins as well as to achieve long term objectives. “
Simac ICT Belgium – JB – CFO

Individual coaching

“Working with Perspective Management Services is a pleasure. Highly approachable, extremely knowledgeable people, tailor made solutions and all combined with an excellent administrative follow-up. If you want valuable advice on your own career, on professional situations or just on what to do, from people who stood at the operational and consultancy side, Perspective Management Services is the place to be. “
Zoetis – CS – Supply Chain Management Leader

Individual coaching

“Working with Alexandra was a very nice experience and I really enjoy all the good tips, information, examples and strategic vision in my new role as VP Sales North Europe. Alexandra was a key person in my evolution & focus in all different countries where I am working, UK, Germany, Poland, Benelux, and Nordics, providing me a clear help on how to develop the strategy of the company in terms of People & Business, further optimize and build strong teams, cooperation with Peers, so grow to full blown VP position at all levels, seeing the big picture and understanding how to grow the markets. As a direct result, 2016 is being so far one of the best years for the company in the North of Europe, exceeding my expectations. I am really looking forward to keep working with her. “
Richie Bros Auctioneers – JG – VP Sale North Europe

Individual coaching

“I have been fortunate to work in a coaching process during a year with Mr. Alexandra Nagels. Alexandra is a professional with a lot of experience, who knows how business is done. Working with her was very nice because on the one hand she has a listening ear and goes along with you in your story and on the other hand she also prompts you to step out of your comfort zone to get things done. I was particularly impressed with how she masters the various aspects of doing business such as HR, restructuring projects, situational leadership, change management, negotiation skills, communication, … Alexandra has a very enthusiastic style and that energy radiates onto her coaches. She is very accessible and sees her projects never as quick wins but always as a long-term engagement. Finally, she has a very strong and extensive network that she uses perfectly for both, business and personal development of her coachees. “
Zoetis – JVdB – General Manager

Executive coaching

I’ve worked with Alexandra Nagels (Perspective Management Services) for many years but quite intense over the last 3 years in my function as CEO for BDO Belgium.
Alexandra has been (and still is) my executive coach : our conversations and workshops evolve around the complex business and organizational challenges on the mid term and long term of the company. Sometimes supplemented by urgent short term issues (conflict resolving etc). Alexandra challenges and asks the right questions for me to come up with alternative (better) scenario’s going forward. And also gives guidance as to my position in these scenario’s based on an analysis of my competences and character.
I can truly say that these interactions have been of great value to me and thus to the organization as a whole.
In a complex business context and rapidly evolving world where you have to adapt fast and build high performant teams, Alexandra is the one to turn to for executive (business) coaching.
BDO Belgium – CEO

Individual coaching

When entering into an individual coaching path, it is of utmost importance that there is full trust between the coach and the coachee.  During the first contact with Alexandra, it became immediately clear that she would be the person that will give me this safe working environment.  I enjoyed the open, challenging but enriching session we had during my trajectory.
Aperam Corporate – HV – Global Head of Health and Safety

Individual coaching

Perspective Management / Alexandra has been a true sounding board for me in the past 2 years.  I appreciate the hands on advice as well as the open and candid feedback.
Huntsman – BV – Logistics SPV

Individual coaching

Alexandra is a very experienced coach and it is always interesting to have coaching of her because she asks always the right questions so I can reflect at myself and make the right decisions.

Furthermore, I really love the people that are in her big network. They are very qualified and experienced people that are open to support me with hurdles that I have or had and they are really fun to work with.

On top of that, Alexandra is an expert in direct communication. This allows you to quickly to solve a problem and the coaching sessions are always very useful and efficient.
Schoeller Allibert – PDL – Global Key Accountmanager

Academical references

Workshop “How to become an effective job hunter, Excell in interviews

“It was very nice to assist to the workshop “How to become an effective job hunter?” I really appreciated the good energy and positivism that both of you transmitted; I enjoyed the interactive presentation and the possibility to ask questions at any moment. It made me realize how important the experience and advise of a professional coach is to find a job, but specially for the transition between academia and business. I wish there would be more seminars or workshop like this, and I cannot wait to the next one about how to face a job interview. Again, thank you for your time and extremely useful advises and congratulations for the excellent workshop. “
VUB Career Center, Brussels – AC – Postdoctoral Researcher VUB

Apprenticeship mentor

“Alexandra shows as the responsible mentor for the school a big commitment to the student and the business project. She builds a real partnership with the company and the student and creates a learning environment where the student can reach a high level development and a maximum involvement in the business project. Because of her commitment, she ensures not only the best results for the student’s project but also a learning experience for the company itself”
KHL – RG – Group Talent Manager

Workshops Career Counseling

“I would like to thank you for the fantastic seminar of last week. It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to see the presentations of person that have succeeded in industry coming from academia. I specially appreciate the honesty of their advices, based on their own experience and the time that they invested preparing the presentations and answering to all our questions. Like used to happen with the other seminars, at the end of the session everybody was more than happy with the result, so THANK YOU because you are really good in your job.”
VUB – AC – PhD

Career Counseling

“It was an incredibly relevant meeting, which brought a fresh and realistic view of the PhD perception within the private sector. Having together both HR specialists hiring PhD’s and also successful business persons with PhD degree made the session captivating and enriching. I want to thank you very much for the effort and commitment in organizing this meeting. It was a real support, full of relevant career suggestions and motivation. “
VUB – RH – PhD

HRM Bachelor after Bachelor – International HR

“To describe Alexandra Nagels course, teaching style and personality, you can use a variety of adjectives: engrossing, surprising, controversial, distinctive, sparkling, amusing yet serious, straightforward, enriching… But what will always stick in my memory, is her ability to make her students ‘think’ (more) thoroughly about what they are learning. In her own unique way, Alexandra forces her students to look at things from another, less obvious, point of view. She expects the students to have a critical, well-thought idea about the subject matter. Apart from attending her HR courses, I also had the pleasure to work with Alexandra in the framework of my final-year project. As my mentor, she also forced me to develop a more critical point of view and to get the best out of myself, which only enriched the project’s end result. Furthermore, during the project, Alexandra proved to be a great support, as well on professional as on personal level”
KUL – ZW – HR Consultant


“Alexandra Nagels has a very high level of psychological insight, which allows her to coach and motivate her students during the project in a very personal way. By putting the initiative at the students part, I was obligated to enhance my autonomy and problem-solving skills. She puts a high focus on the output and at the same time, she was always there to support me during the process. Alexandra communicates in an open and enthusiastic way and transfers this manner of communicating to her students. She stimulated me to face ambitious challenges in my project and to work on it from a critical approach. Thanks to Alexandra I developed a work mentality which helps me considerably to perform great in my first job as a Recruitment Consultant. Thank you Alexandra.”
Catholic University College of Leuven – JM – Banaba – former student Catholic University College International Recruitment Siemens


“Alexandra shows as the responsible mentor for the school a big commitment to the student and the business project. She builds a real partnership with the company and the student and creates a learning environment where the student can reach a high level development and a maximum involvement in the business project. Because of her commitment, she ensures not only the best results for the student’s project but also a learning experience for the company itself.
Tessenderlo Group – RG – Group Talent Manager 
(Global Learning & Development Manager) 

More references are available upon request