Profile of Alexandra Nagels

  • Member of Boards of Directors, Boards of Shareholders and Boards of Advice
  • Business advisor to shareholders and executive committees
  • Committee member in Mergers and Acquisition dossiers
  • Network builder of business alliances in Central Eastern Europe, Middle East, West and South Africa
  • Enhances integration of new corporate cultures and the sustainability of long-term leadership
  • International cross cultural exposure (United States, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, West and South Africa)
  • Enables the organizations to improve the businesses by leadership development, cost optimization and change management
  • Business acumen in international Sales and Marketing focused businesses and service providers
  • Experienced business and network coach in multinationals and SME
  • Set up of business in new markets (CEE, ME, West and South Africa)
  • Senior leader of international teams
  • Lead assessor of international executive development and assessment centers
  • Lectures as guest faculty in strategic to operational modules on HR, Change and Cross Cultural Awareness items, at international master programs on request of different national and international universities (Belgium, Romania, Shanghai, Kiev, etc) Bridge between academic and business world
  • Coaches PostDocs, PhD’s and Master students at Universities and Career Centers in career development
    Faculty and Advice board member at the International Diplomatic Academy

Professional background of Alexandra Nagels:

  • Founder & Managing Partner of Perspective Management Services
  • Group HR Director Telindus Group
  • VP HR Worldwide Winbox.com
  • Head of Function Management Development and Executive Staffing, C&A Europe
  • European Human Resources Manager for Tenneco Automotive Europe
  • Staffing and Development Manager of After-market Sales and Marketing division Europe, Africa and Middle East in Monroe Europe
  • Senior Consultant De Cock Selection / Career Planning

Culturally exposed:

  • United States (Michigan, Texas, Boston, Chicago, …)
  • North and South Western Europe
  • Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania,…)
  • Middle East (Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey,…)
  • South Africa
  • West Africa
  • Shanghai

International customers in

  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurances
  • Telecom / Network integrations
  • Automotive
  • Industry (oil, piping, chemical, …)
  • Agriculture
  • International Real Estate
  • Purchasing and Logistics
  • Pharma
  • Paints and coatings/specialty chemicals
  • Test and simulation solutions (product development)
  • Biotechnical
  • FMCG / Food, non Food
  • Security services
  • Education